Do you have trouble hearing?

RxEars allow you to hear everywhere, without the costly investment of hearing aids.

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Rxi Hearing Aids - $549

The RxEars Rxi Hearing Aid is for those who want to a device that is concealed in their ear canal. Depending on the size of your ear canal, this can be a perfectly hidden solution. The Rxi is also equipped with a renown background noise canceler. Once you start using this little device, your world will change with a new level of sound recognition.

This device is for people that are beginning to sense they would like more amplification in those difficult to hear situations. Being this small, it would be best to have good dexterity to handle the small batteries and to place it correctly. To change programs, hold down the memory button with your finger for about 2 seconds. You can also change the volume by quickly pressing and releasing the same button. You get two features out of the same button to save space and keep the device very small. These devices are so comfortable you will forget you are wearing them!

Rx4 Hearing Aids - $599

With the RxEars Rx4 Hearing Aids, you will be able to enjoy conversations in public places with an elegant, discreet and comfortable solution. Worn behind the ear you will not even notice it is there due to its modern design and small size.

Rx4 Hearing Aids digital technology with adaptive noise control reduces background noise for clearer conversations in challenging environments like restaurants, receptions, lectures, church, and more. Feedback and whistling is kept to a minimum through adaptive feedback control. You can set your Rx4 Hearing Aids to different situations with 4 pre-set volume levels or fine tune the volume with more than 20 volume steps. The Rx4 Hearing Aid also has a Tele-coil mode that allows you to hear signals coming from compatible systems in theaters, auditoriums, cinemas and telephones with clarity and detail. Hear everything with the RxEars Rx4 Hearing Aids!

Rx8 Hearing Aids - $799

RxEars Rx8 Hearing Aid is our cell phone compatible Bluetooth listening device. Easily amplifies 25dB and helps make those difficult sounds easier to hear. Using the Bluetooth on your Android or Apple cell phone, you can control the programs, set the tones to your liking, and store them in your device as well as your phone for recall.

The easy to use app, is equipped with quick program selections for Restaurants, Conversation, Telephone and Automobiles, as well as tone controls for those users desiring the ability to perfectly tune their device with six bands of tone control.

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